Erica Viking & The Hoff



Erica Viking is  The First lady Of Rock Radio  in  New Mexico,  and she  LOVES living in  The Land Of Enchantment!  Viking loves laughing, and has a blast entertaining morning audiences as she has for years… Her love of ROCK music goes deep… everything from the classics like  Pink Floyd  and  Metallica  to  Nirvana  and  Alice in Chains,  and lots of talented local bands too! When she is not on-air, Erica loves being outside, hiking, enjoying the beauty of New Mexico, and sharing it with family, friends and her two adorable dogs.  You can often find Viking in downtown Albuquerque, as she is connected to the Art and Music scene.  She also loves to donate her time to charities…especially those that help women, children, animals and veterans. She has one grown son, who works in the fashion industry in NY and LA, and she loves traveling with him…her favorite partner in crime, as well as having international traveling adventures with her very close family!



Gaze into The Hoff’s eyes . . . Oh, wait. You can’t. It’s radio.

FEAST YOUR EARHOLES on his dulcet baritone chords every weekday morning 5a-10a as he tickles, informs and entertains you with his unique perspective on the news of the strange, weird, bizarre, silly, stupid, ironic, and LOCAL in his smash-hit segment The Daily Orale.

When The Hoff ain’t crackin’ wise on air, he runs his own side business, Brain Gang Trivia.

You can find him out and around ABQ just about any given night of every week making Burquenos break a mental sweat.

All work and no play makes The Hoff a dull boy. But damn, he’s funny!