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June 18, 2022 Kit Carson Park Buy Tickets

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, ZZ Top rock Taos this summer!

It was in Houston in the waning days of 1969 that ZZ Top, a.k.a. “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas,” coalesced from the core of two rival bands, Billy’s Moving Sidewalks and Frank and Dusty’s American Blues. The new group went on to record the appropriately titled ZZ Top’s First Album and Rio Grande Mud that reflected their strong blues roots. Come see ZZ Top play live in Taos and hear all your favorite songs!

They have sold millions of records, have been officially designated as Heroes of The State of Texas, have been referenced in countless cartoons and sitcoms, and are true rock icons but, against all odds, they’re really just doing what they’ve always done. They’re real and they’re surreal and they’re ZZ Top and you can see them live in Taos on June 18th, 2022.Buy Tickets