Erica Viking
Erica Viking grew up in the midwest graduating from Newman University before moving to Albuquerque in 1995.  Later that year, she began working on a local morning show and turned it into a 14-year on-air career.  She spent the last year traveling to various places like New York, Los Angeles, Spain, Portugal, and she returned home to write and consult on several film and T.V. projects.
She has a production company that develops programming right here in New Mexico, and now has decided to return to her radio roots, taking on the morning show on New Mexico's Finest Rock, (KIOT) Coyote 102.5.  She has one son, Julian who graduated high school last year and now resides in Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a top-notch designer.
That will leaves Ms. Viking with two little dogs...BB and Buddy...and lots of time to dream BIG.  She loves laughing, being with friends, skiing, hiking and being outside...but is also known to dress up and hit the town, hosting charity and social events.  Music is a big part of her life, and being back in the Coyote studio makes her feel home again.